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The basic requirement for admission to a Master’s program at advanced level is a national university degree at basic level (first cycle) of at least 180 hp or an equivalent international degree.  A good knowledge of written and spoken English is required. The admission criteria to the programme is a high quality Bachelor's degree encompassing a minimum of 180 ECTS credits in Engineering (Computer Science or Information technology) or equivalent studies, i.e., must be a degree of at least three years of full-time studies. The applicants should have solid knowledge of mathematics (discrete mathematics), programming skills, data structures and algorithms, computer architecture and basics of computer networks. In addition, a basic knowledge of the following subject areas will be an advantage: databases and database management, principles of theoretical computer science, logic in computer science, software engineering, operating systems, and concurrent programming. The admission of students in the Master’s program in Security and Mobile Computing follows an evaluation of merits based mainly on the applicant’s knowledge, previous education, the university where the studies have been performed, especially meriting previous subjects, study motivation, and references. The knowledge of the applicant is given preference in this evaluation. Eligible applicants are ranked according to the evaluation and admission is granted according to the number available positions determined for the program.  

See local admission policy of the Royal Institute of Technology (the KTH-handbook II, 11.5).