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Upcoming! Final Seminar on Planetary Timekeeping

Erik Isberg, doctoral student at the division, will discuss the progress of his dissertation at his final seminar on 13 March 13.15-15:00 (Stockholm time). The title of his seminar is “Planetary Timekeeping: Paleoclimatology and the Temporalities of Environmental Knowledge. 1950-1990”. Dania Acherman, Senior Scientist from the University of Bern, will act as discussant during the … Continue reading “Upcoming! Final Seminar on Planetary Timekeeping”

Our Image of the Savannah Reveals who we are

In the think piece, “Our image of the savannah reveals who we are” (Vår bild av savannen avslöjar vilka vi är), doctoral student Erik Isberg reflects on how our image of the early people on the savannah has change over the centuries and how it is characterized by its time. The text originally was published … Continue reading “Our Image of the Savannah Reveals who we are”

Sabine Höhler in the Cultural Histories Series

Sabine Höhler recently contributed with the chapter “Creating the Blue Planet from Modern Oceanography” in the sixth volume of the The Cultural Histories of the Sea in the Global Age (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2021). Throughout history, how has the sea served as a site for cross-cultural exchange, trade and migration? As historians, how do the fields … Continue reading “Sabine Höhler in the Cultural Histories Series”

SPHERE – a Podcast on the Evolution of Global Environmental Governance

It is a new week at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment and this one begins with the official launch of the SPHERE podcast – produced by our very own Eric Paglia. About the Podcast: SPHERE is a podcast that investigates the historical evolution of global environmental governance through in-depth discussions with … Continue reading “SPHERE – a Podcast on the Evolution of Global Environmental Governance”