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Using Jupyter Notebooks to manage SLURM jobs

Jupyter Notebooks are gaining in popularity across many academic and industrial research fields . The in-browser, cell-based user interface of the Notebook application enables researchers to interleave code (in many different programming languages) with rich text, graphics, equations, and so forth. Typical use cases involve quick prototyping of code, interactive data analysis and visualisation, keeping digital … Continue reading “Using Jupyter Notebooks to manage SLURM jobs”

Getting Started with SLURM

Note: This post has been updated to reflect the changes in the queueing system after the software upgrade of Beskow in June, 2019. Our supercomputer clusters at PDC, equipped with thousands of multi-core processors, can be used to solve large scientific/engineering problems. Because of their much higher performance compared to desktop computers or workstations, supercomputer … Continue reading “Getting Started with SLURM”