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  1. Robin

    If you don’t have the power that giants have and you want to life a weight, you might have to pin your hope on the equipment- an artificial robotic exoskeleton in the movie Edge of Tomorrow. Exoskeleton originally referred to the external shell of arthropods like shrimps and crabs which aim at protecting their fragile viscera. While when we talk about artificial robotic exoskeleton, it’s actually a kind of mechanical device which is designed to strengthen human body movement functions, one part aims to recover the functions that people have lost, and the other part is to strengthen the normal human functions….http://www.aiyellowpage.com/content/will-we-become-half-robot-in-the-future/

  2. Robin

    Recommended by some friends, I recently watched the artificial intelligence movie Ex Machina which described how a robot successfully deceived her designer and tester and finally kill and imprison them for her own freedom. The satisfaction and joy that the pretty fembot feels when she acquired human skin and fled away to enjoyed the warm sun come from her heart. She hasn’t shown any shame or pity for the man who she deceived. The reason might be that she had predicted his feeling tendency from the huge bigdata analytics, thus his mental activity is nothing mysterious to her and he is not strong enough to protect her. So she finally chose to leave him and make her way to freedom….http://www.aiyellowpage.com/content/why-robots-can-be-your-good-partner/

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