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Why KTH?

Hey guys! You probably question yourself at this point: should I start over in a new country? Is it worth it? Why Sweden? Living in a new country without a family is a big step that makes you stronger and makes you grow as an independent personality. Let me tell you why Sweden is the best for your personal growth.

Job opportunities

KTH is very much connected to various companies based in Sweden and/or internationally. Many KTH students get an opportunity to do their thesis in a company. It creates a great connection, an opportunity to show your skills, and for companies to see prospective employees. It’s definitely a win-win!

Many job opportunities open up for internationals since most people speak English fluently in Sweden, and companies are well-connected worldwide. Career fairs and many events organised by KTH provide great opportunities for you to jump into your field, look around and get connections. I think KTH has really pushed on this one! Also, a big chance that your tutors and professors are well-connected to companies and industries in their field. Talking to them about it, could direct you since they know you in person!


You have probably heard the phrase “the Swedish work-life balance”. It’s definitely not a myth! It is applied almost in every aspect of life, which is one of many great reasons Swedes are so good at what they are doing! The environments at KTH and many workplaces are based on the work-life balance. A less stressed atmosphere and people create environments we all want to work in. The Swedes have a word for this balance which is ‘lagom’. In short, it explains when you put lots of effort into work, you should recover by spending time with family and friends, exercising and having hobbies. That benefits when you return the next day to work refreshed and full of energy. That really works, and I feel it at KTH too!


Stockholm is a great city to surround yourself with talented people and develop your skills, knowledge and different points of view! ‘Stockholmers’ are sophisticated people interested in arts, culture, nature, languages, and architecture, and I could continue until the end of this page… Especially at KTH, the created environment induces us to learn from each other, advance our skills and develop further knowledge in the subject we are interested in. Personally, I have learned a lot from a professional side, but also hearing different ways of seeing and receiving insights into how one can approach things in life is a valuable experience that has shaped me as a personality, but I am sure m

Sustainable living

I guess it is not a shock that Sweden is one of the most sustainable countries in the world. That is based on facts that 99% of the waste is recycled and 54% of the used energy is renewable. Swedes didn’t turn the tables overnight. Sustainable living is part of their everyday life, and I am learning daily! Caring for nature and protecting the environment is an important value. It’s not just a ‘sustainable’ label that counts, but the actions taken make a huge impact when we do it collectively. Sorting out the trash, buying re-useable bottles, and biking are just a few examples I applied to my everyday life. Swedish sustainable living is shaping my conscious choices and my perspective towards everything!

Hopefully, these reasons will help you decide and choose KTH to study and grow together! Lorenzo has shared his opinion about choosing Stockholm; you can take a look at it! Also, his thoughts on why KTH is a great university to study are linked here!