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Socialising during Corona times

The corona virus has been in all of our lives for a year now. At the beginning, everyone was willing to sacrifice by staying home, not meeting people and reducing social contacts to make the virus disappear again. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be this easy. After months of trying to be safe and … Continue reading “Socialising during Corona times”

Camping in Stockholm

I finally went camping in one of the best places to camp in Stockholm! Uh-uh… I know I literally just rubbed my personal opinion right into your face but keep reading and I dare say you’ll agree with me 😊 This has to be the warmest summer Stockholm has experienced. Sweden is known for being … Continue reading “Camping in Stockholm”

Ice Skating!

Who would not want to skate with such a view to behold! I would say, absolutely no one! If you do not have gliding around this ice-skating rink at Kunsträdgarden in Stockholm on your bucket list, you might as well add it right away:) After the first semester examinations, some of my friends and I … Continue reading “Ice Skating!”

Proper preparation yields good results…

The saying that “proper preparation yields good result” is one that can be applied to all aspects of our lives. So, my supposed “first” exam at KTH was for Renewable Energy Technology (RET).  The day before the exam was spent reading (obviously). I am someone who likes to spend fifty percent of my reading time … Continue reading “Proper preparation yields good results…”