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Several of the SEED's researchers amongst top 2% in the world according to new citation ranking

Published Dec 10, 2020

Seven researchers from the Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED) have been ranked amongst the world's top 2% in a new article from Stanford University, published in the journal PLoS Biology. This study has classified the researchers based on their career-long citation impact until the end of 2019.
A total of 164 researchers from KTH have been listed in the ranking.

Stanford University recently launched its list of the top 2% researchers in the world, based on standardized citation values ​​for all scientific disciplines. These include information on citations, an individual’s scientific research output or H-index, co-authorship, and a composite indicator for career-long impact.

Listed researchers from SEED

Author Name Number of Papers c score Subject Field Rank within field Total authors within field
Bhattacharya, Prosun 237 3,22 Environmental Sciences 1195 66925
Björklund, Anna 45 3,23 Environmental Sciences 1172 66925
Cvetkovic, Vladimir 142 3,64 Environmental Engineering 264 42482
Finnveden, Göran 102 3,90 Environmental Sciences 137 66925
Gustafsson, Jon Petter 117 3,76 Environmental Sciences 229 66925
Jacks, Gunnar 142 3,34 Environmental Sciences 839 66925
Wörman, Anders 93 3,30 Environmental Engineering 767 42482
Belongs to: Sustainable development, environmental science and engineering (SEED)
Last changed: Dec 10, 2020