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Registration of interest to work as a mentor at Funka

As a mentor at Funka, you help another student to, for example, sort and prioritize among course assignments, clarify the schedule and set intermediate goals. Here you can read about the requirements you need to meet to work as a mentor at Funka and register your interest.

Mentoring support means that a student receives support in planning and structuring their studies and their study situation. Mentor and student meet regularly and create tools and conditions together so that the student can ultimately, on their own, complete their studies.

The mentor can, for example, support by sorting and prioritizing among course assignments, clarifying the schedule, setting intermediate goals and adjusting how the time planning works. Common reasons for a student receiving mentor support recommended are that the student has ADHD, high-functioning autism or permanent mental illness.

The mentor does not need to have subject knowledge and the mentor support is not intended as a tutor. The mentor is a support for planning and study techniques.

Extent of support

The mentor support is offered for a maximum of 6 months, up to 2 hours a week per student. In addition to the meeting itself, these 2 hours include any preparation or follow-up work for the mentor. Meetings can take place on campus or remotely, for example via Zoom. The support can also include reconciliations via email or telephone.

The support is a collaboration between mentor and student

Mentor support is always a collaboration between mentor and student and the mentor support is based on the student's will and initiative. Together you agree on what to focus on and when to see each other and how often. The student is responsible for regularly setting aside time for mentor meetings and keeping in touch with the mentor.

What do we look for in a mentor:

To be able to work at KTH as a mentor, there are certain requirements that need to be met:

  • Experience of university studies
  • Experience of coaching and supporting others, preferably people with functional variations, is a merit
  • Be able to work at least 2-6 hours a week, which means being a mentor to 1-3 students
  • If you are a KTH student, you need to be in phase with your own studies

Hourly wage including holiday pay: SEK 150 / hour.

After you have submitted the form, we will contact you by e-mail. You will be invited to a compulsory education and information group-meeting.

Registration of interest

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Last changed: Oct 20, 2022