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Seminar and workshop: Energy Landscapes - integrating multiple criteria for decision making

Renewable energy and landscapes - towards integrated energy-environment sustainability assessment

The International Scientific Workshop “Energy landscapes - integrating multiple criteria for planning and decision making” will take place at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, August 23-24, 2012. It will embrace a core case study, relevant for the entire EU and Europe; the ongoing implementation of the EU Renewable Energy Directive (EU Directive 2009/28/EC) adopted in 2009, implying rapid changes in land use with increasingly competing land use interests and associated potential environmental impacts and landscape changes. For steering these changes in a sustainable direction, methods and tools for planning, environmental impact assessment and integrated sustainability assessment need to be developed which can take into account disparate stakeholder perspectives and interests along with scientific knowledge on energy technology and environmental responses. For this purpose, landscape assessment tools and multiple criteria decision aid has been developed. By gathering leading scientists around energy landscapes, these tools will be further developed and adapted to emerging energy landscapes, allowing for multiple criteria decision analysis and multiple use landscape management.

Welcome to seminar!

Welcome to the open seminar on Thursday 23 August 2012, 9-12, at Salongen, KTH Library.

Please register before August 15 by sending an e-mail to Ulla Mörtberg, mortberg(at)kth.se, with name, affiliation and information on special food requirements (for coffee break).



Registration for open seminar


Energy landscapes

Ulla Mörtberg, KTH, Sweden


Why on earth just Germany? The dynamic development of renewable energies in Germany

Johann Köppel, TU Berlin, Germany


Social multi-criteria evaluation - an approach for dealing with conflicting issues in energy policy

Giuseppe Munda, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain


Coffee Break


Ecosystem services, protected areas and energy landscapes: A regional analysis to support land use decisions

Davide Geneletti, University of Trento, Italy


Multiple criteria decision analysis application for urban infrastructure planning

Nikolai Bobylev, University of Birmingham, UK / St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russia


Integrating multiple criteria decision analysis and participatory planning for sustainable forest management

Eva-Maria Nordström, IIASA and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

11.30 – 12.00

Discussion and conclusions

Panel discussion


The Energy Landscapes project and workshop are part of STandUP for Energy Systems , a cooperation between KTH, Uppsala University, Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences, and Luleå Technical University.