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MAP-Stump: A decision support system for forest biomass harvesting

The main objective is effective generation of sustainable and renewable energy through forest biomass feedstock.

Which stump to harvest?

Participants: Anders Larsolle, SLU; Mari Jönsson, SLU; Maria Nordström, Skogforsk; Bengt Olsson, SLU; Jörgen Rudolphi, SLU; Björn Hannrup, Skogforsk; Monica Strömgren, SLU; and Ulla Mörtberg, KTH

Funding: StandUp for Energy

Project description

The MAP-Stump project is a collaboration within the strategic research initiative Standup for Energy, between SLU, SkogForsk and KTH. The main objective is effective generation of sustainable and renewable energy through forest biomass feedstock. The ambition is to synthesize available knowledge about consequences of stump harvesting in a transparent model for integrating different sustainability aspects in decision making in stump harvesting.

Topographic wetness

A decision support model for tree stump harvest is developed. The model takes into account four criteria: economy, energy and climate, biodiversity, and land and water. The value of each individual tree stump was calculated separately for each criterion. The four criteria values were then weighed together into a final suitability score for stump harvest. The final suitability score decided whether the decision support model recommended harvest of each individual tree stump or not. Data from the harvester collected at final felling was used as input to the decision support model. For each stump the values used in the model was dry mass, stump diameter, tree species and position. In addition, the harvesters log track was used as a basis for localising the terrain roads within the stand. Other geographical data used was elevation data, presence of objects with special value for biodiversity and land/water, such as key biotopes, open water and moist soil. A special study was conducted to estimate the soil stability from a topographical wetness index.

All stumps in a stand

The model can be updated with new knowledge and different weights can be assigned to different criteria, which allows for updates and negotiations. The model is expected to contribute to wise decisions and sustainable stump harvesting practice on stand level.


The project is a collaboration between the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences, Skogforsk and KTH, within the Swedish strategic research initiative STandUP for Energy.


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