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SEED Day 2023

One of the guides, Assoc. Prof. Sara Borgström, talked about the surroundings in Järva. And specifically the Järva Discgolf Park..
Publicerad 2023-06-15

On June 13, 2023, about 60 members of the SEED department gathered for the traditional, annual “SEED Day”. Assoc. Prof. Sara Borgström and Prof. Em. Bo Olofsson guided at Järva disc golf park and the new cemetery and at Hammarby water reserve.

Prof. Em. Bo Olofsson was one of the guides during the field trip, and he showed the group the Hammarby water source.

The group also worked together to revise SEED’s vision, mission and goals as well as to improve the work environment at SEED in the peaceful environment at Sigtuna Stiftelsen.

A playful quiz, led by Assoc. Prof. Henrik Ernstson and PhD student Celeste Lai, revealed opportunities for research collaboration at SEED.

PhD student Celeste Lai and Assoc. Prof. Henrik Ernstson lead a playful quiz on the theme: "Academic Research Projects".
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