BB2410 Molekylär bioteknik för nanoteknologi 7,5 hp

Molecular Biotechnology for Nanotechnology

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HT18 för programstuderande


The course aims at presenting the state-of-art in interactions between nanotechnology and biotechnology at the scientific frontier. This course will teach the methods which forms the basis for molecular biotechnology within the range of nanoscience applications

After successful completion of the course, the students should be able to:

  • Understand the basic concept in molecular biology
  • Capable to define recombinant DNA technology
  • Give an example and explain the synthesis of important industrial products
  • Explain the potential application of molecular techniques in diagnostics and therapeutics
  • Present the result of the laboratory exercise  as written report

Kursens huvudsakliga innehåll


Fundamentals in molecular biology; Tools which enable molecular biotechnology; Structure and functional analysis; Enzymes; DNA sequencing; PCR methods; Protein engineering; Principles on gene technique based vaccines; Molecular diagnostics; Biosensors on nano and micro scale. 


Gene amplification by PCR techniques; Transformation of gene in E.coli; selecting the correct transformed colonies.

Protein isolation purification using selective magnetic beads and molecular weight determination


Admittance to a Masters programme at KTH with some basic background in chemistry, physics and biology

Rekommenderade förkunskaper

Good knowledge about physics and chemistry courses according to the study plan, basic knowledge in living systems or corresponding background.


Lecture notes and reference literature

Bio-nanotechnology, Goodsell Wiley-Liss, New Jersey, 2004

Molecular Biotechnology – Principles and applications of recombinant DNA, Bernard R. Glick; Jack J. Pasternak, 2003


  • LAB1 - Laboration, 1,5, betygsskala: P, F
  • SEM1 - Seminarium, 1,5, betygsskala: P, F
  • TEN1 - Tentamen, 4,5, betygsskala: A, B, C, D, E, FX, F

A written examination (TEN1; 3cr) covers the lecture course. To pass the course it is necessary to pass the tutorial and lab exercise (ASS; 1cr, Lab;1cr). Further requirements about the examination and requirements are given at the course start.

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CBH/Industriell bioteknologi


Stefan Ståhl <>

Övrig information

Students are required to sign up at least two weeks in advance for examination.

The course is given provided at least seven students are admitted.

Kursen kan inte läsas av studenter på civilingenjörsprogrammet i Bioteknik


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