BB3470 Research Presentation in Theoretical Chemistry and Biology 3.0 credits

Forskningspresentation i teoretisk kemi och biologi

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    Third cycle
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Information for research students about course offerings

Every semester

Intended learning outcomes

In this course the students should present results from their own research. By presenting background, results, and questioning the material the students learn critical thinking towards research.

Course main content

Research presentation once per semester during the PhD studies. The PhD student should assemble results from studies performed during the last year. The course also includes criticism of other students’ presentations. An introduction to presentation techniques is part of the course.


Presentations once per semester. Attending seminars of other students. Opponent of other students presentation.


Admission to the PhD program in theoretical chemistry



Requirements for final grade

Presentation, opposition and attendance at at least 80% of the seminars. Attendance at the introduction to presentation techniques.

Offered by



Mårten Ahlquist, e-mail:


Mårten Ahlquist <>

Supplementary information

How to apply: Cotact Mårten Ahlquist: e-mail:

Number of students: max 50

For whom: PhD students admitted to the doctoral program in theoretical chemistry and biology


Course syllabus valid from: Autumn 2016.