FAE3008 Land and Water Resources Engineering - Problems and Methods 4.5 credits

Mark- och vattentekniska problemställning och metoderi

After completion of the course the student’s shall have:

•                     Broadened their insight into different disciplines within the department of Land and Water Resources Engineering;

•                     Been inspire to cooperation more in depth with students from different disciplines;

•                     Knowledge of the research facilities available in our department and the different methodologies and materials used by the different disciplines;

•                     Experienced of working on multidisciplinary subjects with researchers from different fields;

•                     Better understanding of how their individual research project is relevant to needs of the society;

•                     Increased their contact net and have contacts with people in industry, society in general, who can benefit from the results of the research done by the student;

•                    Increased oral and written presentation skills.

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P, F

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Vladimir Cvetkovic

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ABE/Sustainability and Environmental Engineering

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Third cycle

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Elzbieta Plaza (elap@kth.se)

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