II1305 Project in Information and Communication Technology 7.5 credits

Projekt inom informations- och kommunikationsteknik

  • Education cycle

    First cycle
  • Main field of study

  • Grading scale

    P, F

Course offerings

Spring 19 TCOMK for programme students

Spring 19 CINTE for programme students

Spring 20 CINTE for programme students

Spring 20 TCOMK for programme students

Intended learning outcomes

The course trains the students in methods that are applied, when a technical system with information and communication technology is to be designed under resource and time limitations.

After the course, the course participant should be able to

  • carry out a development project of a system with information and communication technology
  • choose between different development processes for different projects
  • apply methods and use tools and support systems for technical development, for example for project planning, version management, and testing
  • use methods for efficient communication and documentation, for example oral presentation, visual project communication, or project communication for conflict management
  • reflect on the completed project as a basis for running a new project in an even better way.

Course main content

Development process, project planning, methodology for reflection, practical design of software and/or hardware.


  • ID1018 Programming I or an equivalent course.
  • ID1020 Algorithms and Data Structures or an equivalent course.
  • IS1200 Division of Computer Systems, basic course or an equivalent course.
  • IE1206 Embedded electronics or an equivalent course.


Kniberg, Henrik. Serum and XP from the Trenches. Lulu. com, 2015. 


  • PRO1 - Project, 7.5, grading scale: P, F

Offered by



Fredrik Lundevall <flu@kth.se>


Course syllabus valid from: Spring 2019.
Examination information valid from: Spring 2019.