ME2032 Economics of Industrial and Technical Transformation 6,0 hp

Economics of Industrial and Technical Transformation


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This course offers the basic tools – primarily economic – for analyzing industrial and technical change on all systems levels and is a starting point for further studies in Industrial Dynamics.

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The aim of the course is to provide basic knowledge on the economics of industrial and technical change/transformation. After attending the course students would:

- be able to know the basic concepts and notions related to the field.

- be able to use instruments to analyze innovation processes inside and outside firms and the interplay between the firm and its context

- be able to discuss the knowledge foundation for advanced studies of, and action in, environments characterized by rapid industrial and technical change

Kursens huvudsakliga innehåll

The starting point for this course is economic analysis of direct relevance for understanding industrial and technical change. In addition to a short introduction to the microeconomic foundations of economic theory the course introduces basic concepts within the knowledge area (discipline) of industrial dynamics like innovations, innovation systems, development blocs, industrial clusters, entrepreneurship, technical change/transformation/diffusion, path dependence, etc. The main foundation for the course is innovation economics with strong connection to evolutionary and institutional economic theory which is also introduced during the course. In addition the course contains moments with connection to disciplines like history of technology, economic history and economic geography. During the course processes of industrial and technical change/transformation are studied on different systems levels e.g. firm level as well as on industry or technology level.

The teaching consists of lectures and seminars. One seminar may be in the form of a study visit.


Basic skills (First-level courses) in industrial economics/management, e.g. Course ME1300/4D1123 or equivalent.

Rekommenderade förkunskaper

Grundkurs i Industriell ekonomi el liknande


Basic text on microeconomics (may be a compendium)

Compendium on Industrial Dynamics with selected papers


  • SEM1 - Seminarier, 1,5, betygsskala: P, F
  • TEN1 - Tentamen, 4,5, betygsskala: A, B, C, D, E, FX, F

Krav för slutbetyg

Active participation in seminars and approved delivery of seminar/working papers. Approved written final examination (may be in the form of a home examination).

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ITM/Industriell ekonomi och organisation


Pär Blomkvist,, +46 8 790 72 35


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Beslut/fastställd 2006-05-25.

Ersätter 4D1053.

Ersätts av ME1032.


One or several of the courses on the Industrial dynamics Track:
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ME2033 Industrial Dynamics and Technical Change
ME2035 Globalization of Ind. & Techn – advanced course
ME2036 Industrial Dynamics – advanced course


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