MF134X Degree Project in Product Realization and Industrial Management, First Cycle 15.0 credits

Examensarbete inom produktframtagning och industriell ekonomi, grundnivå

  • Education cycle

    First cycle
  • Main field of study

  • Grading scale

    P, F

Course offerings

Spring 19 for programme students

  • Periods

    Spring 19 P3 (7.5 credits), P4 (7.5 credits)

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    KTH Campus

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    Min. 5

    *) The Course date may be cancelled if number of admitted are less than minimum of places.

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  • Course responsible

    Nihad Subasic <>

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Intended learning outcomes

According to KTH's established criteria to pass a degree project for a Bachelor's degree, the student should be able to:

1. demonstrate knowledge of the scientific foundation of the chosen subject area, applicable methods and orientation in current research and development and show advanced knowledge within some part of the subject area

2. demonstrate the ability to search, collect and use relevant information critically and identify his/hers needs of additional knowledge

3. demonstrate the ability to formulate, assess and handle problems and critical discuss phenomena, issues and situations

4. demonstrate the ability to plan and with applicable methods carry out assignments within given time frames

5. demonstrate the ability to orally and in writing, account for and discuss information, problem and solutions in dialogue with different groups

6. demonstrate the ability to make assessments considering relevant scientific, social and ethical aspects

7. demonstrate such skills that are required to work independently within some part of the main field of study technology

Course main content

The course is based on an own advanced work concerning some essential issue or subarea in mechatronics. At seminars, but above all through own search, knowledge necessary to highlight, answer and discuss chosen problems is collected.

Certain parts of the course are carried out in groups of 2-3 students, while other parts are carried out individually.

In the course, students will present, in writing and orally, an individual essay and critically review and publicly discuss the work of others.


Requirements established by the engineering programme, for starting a degree project. These requirements are found in the programme syllabus.


Will be announced at the beginning of the course.


  • XUPP - Thesis Project, 15.0, grading scale: P, F

To pass the course, passed essay and participation in all compulsory parts are required.

Requirements for final grade

KTH's established criteria to pass degree project for Bachelor's degree apply:

A literature study has been complete, including a description of applicable methods within the subject area and an orientation in current research and development. The selected method is explained and based on science or proven experience. Relevant knowledge from previous courses is adequately used.

The task of the degree project is largely handled autonomously. Relevant databases and search tools are used. Relevant literature and knowledge are incorporated in the degree project. The need for further knowledge is discussed.

The degree project contains a clear problem formulation and a progressive handling of it. Relevant phenomena, issues and situations connected to the work are critically discussed. Adequate judgements are made, regarding the research question(s) of the degree project.

The project plan was followed. The task is carried out within the agreed time and with the methodology agreed upon. Any changes to the plan or the have been agreed, between student and supervisor.

The report is well organized and well-written, in a coherent language. The citations are relevant, phrased in the student's own wording, and well integrated. The oral presentation and the review, as well as the communication during the work, demonstrate the ability to present and sensitively discuss the work and its conclusions with different parties, such as employers, supervisors, teachers, researchers and students.

The degree project demonstrates judgement abilities, for example to explain, justify, criticize and recommend. Relevant topic-specific assessments based on science or proven experience have been made in the degree project. The degree project reflects on social and ethical aspects, unless this is shown to be irrelevant.

The student familiarizes him/herself with the task and demonstrates the ability to be a part of the working environment where the study was performed. The student shows ability to test and evaluate information in discussions of the task. The student shows initiative and is open for supervision and criticism. The degree project is carried out largely independently.

Offered by

ITM/Machine Design


Nihad Subasic (


Nihad Subasic <>


Course syllabus valid from: Spring 2016.
Examination information valid from: Autumn 2015.