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Responsive Manufacturing I

The aim of the program is to build intuition about the business decisions, production and project management, performance and quality management and human aspects. The courses included provide the opportunity to attain formal academic training and qualifications based on a diversity of professional backgrounds. The courses in the programme emphasize the strategic importance of effective operations management. The student will explore the multiple objectives of operations, and the many different interfaces that the operations manager must be concerned with.

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Course goals: This course will provide an introduction to the field of “Responsive Manufacturing”. The course will develop student’s knowledge in three areas: operations research, production and operations management, and project management.First part of the course i.e. Operations Research undertakes the study of some of the prominent and analytical techniques which are used to make more informed decisions in today’s complex manufacturing world. During this part students would learn how to use mathematical tools to solve manufacturing, forecasting, transportation and queuing problems. They would be introduced to the problem solving and decision making processes and would develop mathematical models for analyzing real world problems.Operation Management, second part of the course addresses the management of operations in manufacturing organizations. Efficient operations can provide a firm with major competitive advantages by enhancing its ability to respond to consumer and market requirements quickly, at a low cost, and with high quality. In this part various Production and Operations activities such as capacity planning, inventory control, and scheduling would be discussed. The philosophies of Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and Just in Time (JIT) would also be discussed with reference to Responsive Manufacturing.

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Course contents: It is a 15 point course which means 15 weeks full time study. The course is structured with literature study, MCQ test (self assessment test) for each chapter, comprehensive exam combining all chapter and project work (group work). The course curriculum during 15 weeks will be as follows,Linear programmingQueuing ModelForecastingTransportation ModelSupply Chain ManagementCapacity Planning and Forecasting DemandOperations SchedulingInventory ControlMRP and JITAggregate Planning and SchedulingProject ManagementGroup Project


Disposition: The course is carried out on distance - one or two meetings at KTH. The course is given in English.


Eligibility/admissions requisites:

  • Completed upper secondary education incl documented proficiency in English and
  • at least 120 Swedish university point (hp)or equivalent.

Rekommenderade förkunskaper

At least 120 Swedish university point or equal are required, apart from completed upper secondary education incl documented proficiency in English


Litterature: E-learning documentation


  • INL1 - Assignment, 4,5, betygsskala: P, F
  • INL2 - Assignment, 4,5, betygsskala: P, F
  • INL3 - Assignment, 4,5, betygsskala: P, F
  • PRO1 - Project, 9,0, betygsskala: A, B, C, D, E, FX, F

Examination: Examination, assignments

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