MJ1141 Energy Systems and Sustainability 9.0 credits

Energisystem och hållbar utveckling

  • Education cycle

    First cycle
  • Main field of study

    Mechanical Engineering
  • Grading scale

    A, B, C, D, E, FX, F

Course offerings

Autumn 19 for programme students

Autumn 18 for programme students

Intended learning outcomes

On completion of the course, stundents should be able to:

- descrive the differnt parts of the energy system  (technologies and actors) based on a divisin into three parts: energy use, distribution, and supply.

- quantatively describe the importance of the various functions and services in society that require use of primary energy.

- be able to identiy and discuss challenges in the energy system in Sweden, The Nordics and in Europe

- be able to explain the nature and idea of different policy actions and tools to introduce new technolgies an more renewable energy in the energy system.

- be able to describe how the Swedish energy system has changed since the 70-ties and identify the important strategic descitions that has been taken that has decided our current energy system

 - be able to present project work in written and oral form                 

- be able to identify and discuss broad sustainablity cahllenges in todays society

 - critically evaluate and reflect on energy realted sustainability issues

- be able to identify and values the effect of differnt choices of technology in the different parts of the energy system

- be able to describe typical conflicting goals in the energy system

Course main content


The course is built in four different parts:

The Energy System, deepened system theory

The Energy System, innovation and business

The Energy System, strategic thinking and planning

Energy och sustainability


MJ1112 Applied Thermodynamics, MJ1145 Energy systems, Industrial Managment, advanced course (ME1301); Knowledge Formation in Technology and Natural Science (ME2302);


Möjliheter och dilemman, IVA´s Energibok

Diverse rapporter och artiklar  

Fördjupad litteratur om systemanalys och system teori.

Litteratur om energy policy och energimarknad

Den exakta litterturen meddelas vid kursstart


  • FÄL1 - Field Exercise, Study Visits, 1.0, grading scale: P, F
  • PRO1 - Project, Strategies, 2.0, grading scale: A, B, C, D, E, FX, F
  • PRO2 - Project, Strategy, 2.0, grading scale: P, F
  • SEM1 - Seminar, The Energy System, 1.0, grading scale: P, F
  • SEM2 - Seminar, Sustainability and Energy, 1.0, grading scale: P, F
  • TEN1 - Exam, Sustainability and Energy, 2.0, grading scale: A, B, C, D, E, FX, F

Credit distribution: Period 1 = 6 hp: Period 2 = 3 hp

Fäl  = 1 hp, Pro = 2 hp, Sem 1 = 1 hp, Sem 2 = 1 hp. Sem 3 = 2 hp

Offered by

ITM/Energy Technology


Per Lundqvist <per.lundqvist@energy.kth.se>


Course syllabus valid from: Autumn 2015.
Examination information valid from: Autumn 2019.