Last edit: 09/10/2018
Approved: 09/10/2018

General Admission Requirements: See KTHs admission requirements for Master’s Programmes, link below.

Special Admission Requirements:

The minimum criterias are that the following must  be in the bachelor degree

  • Mathematics: three different subjects of a total of 22,5 credits. Among those subjects there must be a course in one-variabel calculus, a course in linear algebra and a course in discrete structures.
  • Computer Science/Information technology: three different subjects of a total of 22.5 credits. Among those subjects there must be a course in object oriented programming, a course in algorithms and data structures and a course in computational complexity.

A course in multivariate analysis is required to follow the tracks Data analysis, Cognitive systems and Scientific computing.

The specific requirements may be considered as not fulfilled if the applicant's average grades are in the lower third of the grading scaleof the applicant graduate university (over the approved level). For example, below C for a university with grades A-F

Selection process:

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available a programme committee will make a selection from the following criterias:

1.      evaluation of university

2.      grades from previous study

3.      motivation to study

4.      merit rating

5.      references

6.      proficiency in English

The evaluation scale is 1-75.

KTH regulations: