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Utbildningens upplägg

The duration of the academic year at KTH is 40 weeks. The academic year is divided into four periods. Each period is followed by an examination period. Apart from these examination periods, there are three re-examination periods. Teaching activities may, if necessary, be scheduled outside the academic year. Details about the structure follow the general rules stated by KTH.

The program courses include 30 university credits worth of courses that  are mandatory for all students of the program, and for each track approximately (not more than) 30 university credits worth of courses that are mandatory for that track. The courses not falling in either of the two categories above are optional courses that can be chosen freely if they are courses at the advanced level given by the department of mathematics. Courses worth 7.5 credits can be chosen freely. Courses corresponding to more than 7.5 credits in fields other than mathematics are typically accepted if those courses can be seen as a broadening of the studies towards an area where mathematics can be applied. Other choices of courses are possible when approved by the program director. Out of the 90 university credits courses, excluding the degree project course, at least two courses must be chosen that has project work as an essential part of the examination. Such courses are indicated with (P).


Utbildningen sker i kursform. Kurslistor finns i Bilaga 1: Kurslista


För kurser på KTH används en sjugradig målrelaterad betygsskala A-F som slutbetyg för kurser på grundnivå och avancerad nivå. A-E är godkända betyg med A som högsta betyg. Betygen godkänd (P) och underkänd (F) används som slutbetyg då särskilda skäl föreligger.

Villkor för deltagande i utbildningen

No later than November 15 and May 15 each academic year, respectively, the students are required to make a study registration and course selection for the coming term. At least 45 university credits have to be completed during the first academic year (including the re-examination period in August) in order for the student to be promoted to the second year of the program.


Students admitted to the program are required to perform an independent study in the form of a thesis project corresponding to 30 university credits. The requirement of at least 60 university credits on advanced level and sufficient depth in the chosen track must be met before the thesis work can start.
The purpose of the thesis project is that the student should demonstrate the ability to perform independent project work, using and developing the skills obtained from the courses in the program. It is the student’s responsibility to find a suitable thesis project.


Students who fulfill  all the requirements will be awarded a Degree of Master of Science (two years). Students must apply for the degree and also show proof of their basic degree (Bachelor’s or similar). Complete information on the degree requirements can be found in the local degree policy of KTH.

The application form for the degree is found at the personal menue at