Environment and sustainable development at KTH

KTH contributes to sustainable development by providing educational programmes, conducting research and by interacting with the surrounding community. Through its activities, KTH also impacts the environment in practical terms through the consumption of materials and water, energy and chemicals, travel and transport and construction, and indirectly through purchasing and procurement.

Algae entrepreneur from KTH named Wired fellow

Can a seaweed farmer change the world? Wired magazine seems to think so. It named algae entrepreneur Fredrika Gullfot —a former KTH researcher — one of its 12 Wired Innovation Fellows for 2015.

Can a seaweed farmer change the world?


Cellulose might replace oil as a renewable source

A new method for finding cellulose in its pure form increases the possibility of replacing oil as a material and energy resource.


Helmet made entirely from forest products

In what looks like an ordinary bicycle helmet, Swedish designers have replaced Styrofoam with a new shock-absorbing material made with renewable and biodegradable wood-based material.


27 oktober

Kemikalielagstiftning och praktisk tillämpning på labb

Grundläggande utbildning om kemikalielagstiftning och praktisk tillämpning i labbmiljö som behandlar de miljö- och arbetsmiljökrav som finns och som krävs för att uppfylla dessa. Utbildningen vänder sig till dig som arbetar på labb och ger en översiktlig inblick i lagkrav och daglig hantering av kemikalier på KTH.

När: 27 oktober 2016
Tid: 09:00 - 11:00
Plats: Triumfbågen, KTH Entré Drottning Kristinas väg 4
Språk: Svenska

Nov 10


"Critical perspectives in sustainability research: The Sustainable Development Goals"

Would you like to have more exchange with other doctoral students in your field? Do you know what other research institutions in the Stockholm region work on?Welcome to share your knowledge and experiences and challenge your perspectives on sustainability with doctoral students from the wider Stockholm region.

Date: November 10, 08:30 
Place: Room Torsten, Sveavägen 65

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