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Postdoc in Crisis (or not?)

By Marta Musso and Lina Rahm, first published in our division’s Biennial Report 2019-2020 “Integrative Humanities” During the summer of 2020, the journal Nature conducted a study on how the pandemic had affected postdocs’ careers as well as their well-being. Six out of ten stated that the pandemic had worsened their career opportunities, and more … Continue reading “Postdoc in Crisis (or not?)”

New Division Report out!

From Transformative, to Defining, to the Intergrative Humanities. The Division has published reports since the beginning of the 1990s, but only in the last six years on a biennial basis. The first years the reports were annual, basic information on staff, courses, seminars, and activities. Since 2015 the reports are themed and open up to … Continue reading “New Division Report out!”

Education instead of Prohibition – Sweden and the Covid-19 pandemic

Lina Rahm, Ragnar Holm postdoc at the division (Posthumanities Hub), has published a new article in Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift on Sweden’s approach to the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. In “Folkbildning som krishantering och krishantering som folkbildning“ a strategy was analysed, which instead of putting emphasis on restrictions and prohibition, focussed on citizen’s self-regulation. This … Continue reading “Education instead of Prohibition – Sweden and the Covid-19 pandemic”

Podcasts – a Valuable Tool of Research Communication

Podcasts are great company for a lunch walk, a long commute or doing household chores. By now, a multitude covering all kinds of topics exist. But while some might associate this medium with leisure time, it is actually a great support for reading scientific complex texts. Eric Paglia, researcher in the project SPHERE, uses podcasts … Continue reading “Podcasts – a Valuable Tool of Research Communication”

Profit from Sverker Sörlin’s book on crisis became new scholarships for even more books on crisis!

In early summer 2020, Sverker Sörlin published the book “Kris! Från Estonia till Corona” (Crisis! From Estonia to Corona) on Bokförlaget Atlas. Here he puts the Corona pandemic as a crisis in a historical perspective along with other big crises in our society. He also shares his own experience from being ill with Corona. The … Continue reading “Profit from Sverker Sörlin’s book on crisis became new scholarships for even more books on crisis!”

Something I Have Learned from COVID-19

The following text was published by Marco Armiero in Environment and History 26 (3), pp. 451-454, in August 2020. Marco writes as acting president of the European Society for Environmental History (ESEH).   I hope I am not taking advantage of my position as the president of our society to write what might seem to … Continue reading “Something I Have Learned from COVID-19”

Tell the Story. Trauma as an Environmental Issue. Or, The Personal Is Ecopolitical – YouTube

Enjoy a virtual talk between Marco Armiero and Serenella Iovino from October 2020. This webinar was a part of Serenella’s course: Entangled Emergencies. Theories (and Stories) to Think with the Virus. An Environmental Humanities Approach at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Serenella is a Professor of Italian Studies and Environmental Humanities, a literary … Continue reading “Tell the Story. Trauma as an Environmental Issue. Or, The Personal Is Ecopolitical – YouTube”