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Technical Development and Education

As digitisation and computers in general are advancing rapidly, many engineers and scientists work on the possibilities and challenges developing artificial intelligence might pose. AI as a topic is also being researched by a handful of members of our division. As such, researcher Lina Rahm has published a new article with the title “Education, automation … Continue reading “Technical Development and Education”

Education instead of Prohibition – Sweden and the Covid-19 pandemic

Lina Rahm, Ragnar Holm postdoc at the division (Posthumanities Hub), has published a new article in Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift on Sweden’s approach to the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. In “Folkbildning som krishantering och krishantering som folkbildning“ a strategy was analysed, which instead of putting emphasis on restrictions and prohibition, focussed on citizen’s self-regulation. This … Continue reading “Education instead of Prohibition – Sweden and the Covid-19 pandemic”

Digitising Education – A Reflection

Our division is engaged in multiple forms of teaching. This did not change during the pandemic. The new reality, dominated by working from home and thus increasingly online, forced us to find new ways of teaching. It was paramount to keep the same level of quality while moving whole courses online and dealing with the … Continue reading “Digitising Education – A Reflection”