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CfP: European Energy Shortages during the Short Coal Age (1860-1960), online at KTH

Aliaksandr Piahanau and Per Högselius are organising an online workshop based at our division at KTH on 1 February 2023. Our colleagues are inviting scholars from around the world to discuss the “European Energy Shortages during the Short Coal Age (1869-1960)”. Of course, the workshop hits the zeitgeist, as current rearranging energy systems take discussions … Continue reading “CfP: European Energy Shortages during the Short Coal Age (1860-1960), online at KTH”

Baltic Sea Water Talks on Utö

Utö, one of the major islands of the Stockholm archipelago, recently hosted the Baltic Sea Water Talks. David Nilsson, Associate Professor at our division and Director of the WaterCentre@KTH, has been a key participant of this conference. Many researchers, entrepreneurs, and environmentalists have joined to discuss how the island tackles the upcoming challenges of a … Continue reading “Baltic Sea Water Talks on Utö”

STREAMS coming up this week!

This week the Environmental Humanities Laboratory at the division is hosting the long-awaited STREAMS-Conference (STREAMS-Transformative Environmental Humanities) digitally in Stockholm.   We are delighted that despite all the problems the organising committee had encountered during the Covid-19-pandemic the conference can finally take place – albeit only in a virtual format. The team has put together … Continue reading “STREAMS coming up this week!”

Digitising Education – A Reflection

Our division is engaged in multiple forms of teaching. This did not change during the pandemic. The new reality, dominated by working from home and thus increasingly online, forced us to find new ways of teaching. It was paramount to keep the same level of quality while moving whole courses online and dealing with the … Continue reading “Digitising Education – A Reflection”