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A New Year for New Students!

As we make the leap from ‘21 into ‘22, it’s looking like a year full of new things to look forward to. Here, I have put together a few important dates in the coming month to keep in mind for new students at KTH, and also for those who are hoping to become KTH students soon. 

A view over KTH Campus
A great photo from Mayela over on the KTH Instagram page

If you are looking to apply to study at KTH next year, the deadline for applications is on the 17th of January. So save this date and make sure to send in your application on time! If you might have any more questions or queries about applying, there will be a Chat Session with the KTH admissions office and student services on the 13th January.

For students who will arrive into Stockholm this semester, the THS Union Day & Campus Fair is on the 19th of January. This Union Day happens twice a year to welcome new students into the life of the college. It gives you a chance to discover or join any of the clubs and societies around KTH.

Of course the most exciting event for new students at KTH is the International Reception which starts on the 17th of January and runs for three weeks. These Receptions happen each semester as an introduction for international students. You can choose to get involved in anything from basketball to dinner parties to tours around the city. They are organised by the Student Union (THS), and their army of fifty Buddies, who are existing KTH students that help to run the events.

When I first came to KTH the international reception was a great chance to meet new friends and get to know the campus and the city. In smaller Buddy-Group Meetings you get a chance to mix and mingle with students who know a bit more about life in Stockholm too. It’s a great start to your new life and a good idea to enjoy yourself as much as possible before the classes start getting serious! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can find their instagram page here.

And to all the new students, welcome to Stockholm! 

~ Declan