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Let’s go to Egypt for a seminar course!

Architecture students have participated in one-week workshops with Pharos University in Alexandria, Egypt. For the first time, we had an opportunity to apply for a seminar course in Egypt! What an adventure it was…I am not going to lie – it exceeded my expectations.

Egypt seminar course mosque
Visiting mosques with Pharos University students

KTH and Pharos University in Alexandria have organised workshops for students to come together. The workshops aimed to raise awareness about neglected and unprotected heritage buildings in Egypt and the erosion of the coastline along the Nile delta.

I felt like I won a lottery ticket when I found out I got into this seminar course since many people applied…On top of that, KTH covered all the travelling costs…

boat trip the nile in egypt
Boat trip on the Nile!

We heard so much about the rich history of Egypt and the oldest library of Alexandria. Nevertheless, Alexandria seemed so ‘untouched’ and ‘raw’ in terms of vintage cars, old technologies and lifestyle, as if tourism has never reached this ‘corner’ of the world. Local people in Alexandria were so welcoming and always willing to interact with us. Once we asked a person for directions – five more came to help, which felt heart-warming.

On the third day, we reached a small town, Rashid, along the Nile. We hopped on a boat and travelled to see the site we would be developing together! Many activities were happening along the Nile’s coast: people were fishing with nets, boating and producing bricks! What can you ask for more? An iced tea? Well, they had a small cafeteria on the boat…

workshops presentations in egypt
Brainstorming and presenting!

Group presentations on the last day were hectic but so thrilling! Together we worked in a group of four on master planning of fishermen’s houses and a small community. Students and lecturers at Pharos University treated us with traditional dishes and sweets every day – we probably gained a few kilos, but it was mouth-watering!

The experience was mesmerising and unforgetful; it still feels like a dream… I hope they will organise it next year for you to participate!