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Tips on writing a degree project

Have you thought about studying at KTH and what your final degree project could look like? How will you manage to write it and graduate on time?

Right now, I am at the end of my master’s degree project, and let me tell you that it was a roller coaster. I will share some tips on what I would say to my future self…

Choosing a topic

It is hard to choose a topic knowing that this is your last project and that you will spend a lot of time on this. I left it to the last minute because I could not make up my mind. Start thinking about it ahead and do some research beforehand. Many students find a topic that is interesting for existing companies as well. Doing research and developing a project in a company is mutually useful for both! I think it’s a great opportunity to get connections and perhaps a job placement.


Time management is a real deal. Now the sun rises early and sets late, at least for me, which gives me energy. Plan your project in parts what you will do each week and what you will do today with your morning coffee. Setting small goals each day helps me not to get overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done.


Let me tell you that it is easy to “overheat” in terms of work, and taking breaks is crucial. Shifting your mind and focus onto something else, even for a short time, helps. I try to do that more often. Your brain will rest in the first place, but after the break, you will look at your degree project with a new perspective. I think this can be applied to all the projects we are doing. Exercising can definitely boost your energy levels, and your brain can ‘rests’.


Talking about someone else’s work can lead to finding the right solution for your project. Also, finding people in your course and having a chat about each other’s projects could be so helpful. Again, looking at things for the first time usually leads to rational and simple answers. I always try to talk to as many group mates as possible! Especially, at KTH, tutors are very excited about our projects, and they are willing to help!

Changing locations

When you work on your degree project daily, changing your study location is refreshing for your mental health. We, as architecture students, move from our architecture building to other buildings to not get stuck in a routine. Many computer rooms have comfortable chairs and powerful computers with softwares that we need!

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