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Arriving to Sweden! Tips to remember

Welcome! Imagine, it’s a sunny day, and you arrive at KTH for the first time. Arrival days are so exciting here! Let me tell you what happens next and what you should not miss!

Student ID card

KTH Entré is the main building where the administrative office is located. This is where we go for information or any help related to studies. When you reach the campus, you will notice a red building with the sign “KTH Entré”. Here, you will first register as a student and receive your student ID card. It will give you access to almost every building on campus and you will be able to print on any KTH printer!

Sim card

Getting a sim card should be as easy as it is in other countries. They are sold at grocery supermarkets and special phone service shops. There are many student discounts that you could compare. When I arrived at KTH on the arrival day, I got a sim card for free and only had to top up to call my mum!

Stockholm has digital SL cards and an SL app or you could pay by credit card by tapping in when travelling. Don’t forget, that by getting an SL card or buying a ticket on an app, you get a big student discount!

Swedish personal identification number

Visit the Skatteverket website, where you can find information on how to book an appointment to get a personal identification number, in Swedish called ‘personnummer’. This number will provide you with many benefits, such as access to healthcare, memberships, and opening a bank account… To get the number it will cost you 400 (SEK).

Opening a bank account

It can be tricky to open a bank account if you stay in Sweden for less than a year. But hands up, and let’s try to do this! First, you must get a personal number before going to the bank. Read Lorenzo’s post on how to do that! Remember, Sweden is cashless-free, so most cards are accepted only!

Get to know the KTH campus

When I arrived at KTH, I was excited to explore KTH’s huge campus! There are so many interesting-looking buildings and places. Walk around and familiarise yourself with the library, cafeterias and meet new people! There are a few student cafeterias that will give you great coffee and pastry deals or lunch meals! Check all the other KTH campuses here! Meet your peers at the Arrival Days organised by THS! It’s an amazing opportunity to sign up for many events, have a coffee and meet new people! Isn’t that exactly why you are coming to Sweden?!

Join KTH clubs

There are many university clubs that I would definitely recommend joining! You will meet many new people, have some fun and explore Stockholm! There is a KTH outdoor club where you can rent gear and equipment for a fair student price! KTH offers any sport, reading clubs, orientation club and many more!

If you would like to know more about residence permits and accommodation for international students, have a look at Raygo’s post! Moving to Stockholm as a European student? Check my previous post here! More information can be found on the KTH website for international, exchange and admitted non-programme students.


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