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Nymble: The KTH student hub

Hi everyone, I would like to share a very prominent building at KTH: Nymble. It is considered one of the most visited buildings on campus, so it certainly deserves a blog post to introduce it.

Nymble during the Stockholm Cultural Night Event 2023 in April

Located next to the KTH entré, Nymble is home to the KTH student union (THS) offices and rooms for different student associations. At Nymble, you can also find the bookstore and canteen, which are essential facilities for KTH students.

The student restaurant at Nymble

Nymble is not just an ordinary multi-functional building on campus but also a hub where students meet and mingle with each other. In August last year, when I had just arrived in Stockholm and was about to begin my study here at KTH, I participated in multiple events organized by THS international reception, the student organization responsible for the orientation events for KTH newcomers. Thus I had great memories in this building since I had loads of fun at parties, campus treasure hunts, gasque (the traditional Swedish dinner culture), etc., with the new friends I met here. 

The banquet, the last and biggest event which sums up the KTH international reception

Nymble is also the venue to host important school events throughout the year, for instance, career fairs, seminars, organization meetings and the KTH Global event, which I mentioned in my previous post about exchange opportunities at KTH. These activities target not only students but also researchers, staff and other professionals from the industries, encouraging academic exchange and enriching the learning experience for students at KTH. One of the relevant career events I attended in Nymble was the career fair for the architecture and construction field. Back then, several architectural offices and developer companies sent their representatives to KTH, and they set up booths at Nymble to introduce their companies and job opportunities to us. Some of these companies also arranged interview sessions for those interested in applying for their openings.

I would also like to reveal to you guys the secret place that I enjoy in Nymble, the library. Located on the second floor, the library is a separate study zone for those who want quiet self-study sessions. I enjoy going there, especially during the cosy afternoon when sunshine enters the interior. There is also access to the balcony where one can refresh himself from the stress of studying.

Nice view from the library

So that’s it for today! Also, remember to check Martyna’s new post about arriving in Stockholm and Lorenzo’s post about what KTH taught me this year! See you around next time.