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How to get started on your application documents

Hi everyone! Are you this type of person, that always does things last minute? Or someone, who really needs the pressure of a deadline to finally start working on stuff? If you’re nodding your head while reading this, you’re not alone! Many people act always last minute, are always waiting for the pressure, and are … Continue reading “How to get started on your application documents”

FAQ: Master Thesis – How did you find one in an organisation?

I thought about a good sequel to my last post focused on career opportunities. If you missed it, read up on here. This post is pretty much me sharing the process of getting my Master Thesis Project. Seeing that it is a sequel, I would connect the highlights from the last post to each point … Continue reading “FAQ: Master Thesis – How did you find one in an organisation?”

KTH Career Counselling

Hey Hey! I am right now sitting at KTH Entré and I am seeing these running on the information boards.   And, I am realizing how much relevant this is right now, especially after my last post. All my friends have started applying for thesis and are attending interviews. It is the perfect time to … Continue reading “KTH Career Counselling”