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Queer & Here: Student Q&A

Sweden is known for being gay-friendly. Historically, it’s been an early adopter of laws and regulations to protect and enable the rights and opportunities of LGBTQI people, and it continues to work towards greater equality today. KTH shares this mission – one of its core pillars is equality, which encompasses gender equality and diversity. Things … Continue reading “Queer & Here: Student Q&A”

Cultural Mix in Stockholm

When I arrived on my first day in Stockholm my new roommate told me that I had to begin my time in this new city with a Stockholmer’s favourite – Kebab Pizza.  This kebab pizza (which we had along with Belgian beer in our local pizzeria-bar) was my first introduction to the cultural diversity in … Continue reading “Cultural Mix in Stockholm”

Diversity in group works

From the very beginning of my master’s studies at KTH it was all about group work, either for longer projects or even short reports that you had to hand in during the period. I think that group works are a very engaging way of teaching and learning compared to lectures, where you basically only listen … Continue reading “Diversity in group works”