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Spooky Haloween night

“Destroy the monsters inside you by becoming the monster”. This is what I had heard about Halloween. This was my first Halloween ever. Even though it is not celebrated with much vigour in Sweden, the festival does attract a lot of crowds. Swedes celebrate “Allhelgonahelgen” – All Saints Day, the morning after Halloween.  Kungstragarden hosted Scandinavia’s … Continue reading “Spooky Haloween night”

Spooky Stockholm

Happy Halloween you all! As you may know, I’m from Mexico and we have “Día de Muertos” over there; nonetheless, many countries have adopted Halloween practices like trick-or-treat, costumes parade, etc within their cultural celebrations. In the case of Sweden, there is a national celebration called “alla helgons dagen” or all Saints day and it … Continue reading “Spooky Stockholm”

Paranormal Activity in Stockholm!

Demons, ghosts, spooky witches, dead men, white walkers and of course clowns. Know what am talking about? No, Stockholm is not haunted, it’s the amazing Halloween! Yesterday, we had the Stockholm’s annual Halloween parade at Kungsträdgården, organized by Very funnily, it was actually called “Shockholm – Scandinavia’s Largest Halloween Parade”, this event was indeed beyond all … Continue reading “Paranormal Activity in Stockholm!”