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Studying media at KTH

After being at KTH for over a year now, I realized that Media Management might not be the most typical study field at this university. Often, I hear people saying “Oh media? This is possible to study at KTH?” and my answer is always the same “Yes, it is possible!”. And let’s be honest: it’s … Continue reading “Studying media at KTH”

VIND 2018

Do you know that Sweden has a plan to be fully powered by renewable energy in 2040? What does this mean for everyone interested in the renewable energy sector? These are the questions that will open the floor for this year’s VIND conference. In fact, the seminar begins with discussions and report presentations from key … Continue reading “VIND 2018”

Music Tech Fest P.2

I was mind-blown this week! Truly, the human mind is capable of so much more! There is a good reason why KTH’s motto is “Vetenskap och Konst” which translated into English means, “Science and Art”.  This week was the Music Tech Festival held in Stockholm and of course, hosted by our very own university, KTH! If … Continue reading “Music Tech Fest P.2”

Music Tech Fest P.1

“Vetenskap och Kunst”, the motto or mantra from all KTH’s students meaning SCIENCE AND ARTS. This couldn’t fit more perfectly to the event Oluchi and I were invited to, the Music Tech Festival that took place in Stockholm and that of course is being hosted by the one and only Royal Institute of Technology KTH! The … Continue reading “Music Tech Fest P.1”

Royal Gifts

This post is related to the next 2 questions, how productive was your week at work/school and do you remember what was your last birthday present? Well, for King’s Carl XVI Gustaf 70th birthday (2016), he received as present solar panels! Yes, solar panels haha As it might seem weird to receive this kind of … Continue reading “Royal Gifts”