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TEDxKTH Event about Artificial Intelligence

Hello everyone! I was lucky enough to attend the recent TEDxKTH Salon event that took place in the KTH Library. There was a lot of ideas shared and inspiring talks on AI’s Role in Art, Creativity, and Architecture.

a photo of a stage with TED x KTH Salon text behind it
The scene at the TEDxKTH event

The event’s schedule was a blend of insightful talks, immersive experiences, and interactive sessions, inviting attendees to contemplate the possibilities and challenges presented by AI in the realms of art, music, and architecture.

The presentations kicked off with an enchanting showcase of AI-generated music performance by David Dalmazzo, Luca Casini, and Laura Cros Vila. Their presentation showcased how AI contributes to music composition, sparking a dialogue on the synergy between human musicianship and AI.

Three people playing musical instruments
They were playing the AI-generated music and it was great!

André Holzapfel’s talk delved into the political ecology within AI-driven art, exploring its socio-political implications. Astrid Stenberg from Tekniska shed light on Wisdome Stockholm’s AI-infused architecture, hinting at how AI reshapes physical spaces and cityscapes.

Ingrid Campo Ruiz envisioned AI crafting personalized dream-like living spaces, igniting discussions on AI’s potential in fulfilling individual desires. Avid Fayaz’s analysis deepened the understanding of AI’s impact on language, art, and creativity, sparking conversations about AI-generated content’s creative possibilities.

A group of people on a stage having a discussion
The panel discussion was so interesting!

The highlight of the event was the panel discussion, where all speakers, engaged in a lively exchange of ideas and insights. This dynamic discourse included questions from the audience, delved deeper into AI’s influence on architecture, art, music, and creativity.

This is what I love about KTH, there are plenty of opportunities to interact and discuss inspirational ideas and thoughts! Also, KTH is a pioneer in the field of AI, with a lot of research and development happening in the field. What is your perspective about AI?

KTH AI Society is a participatory society for everyone into AI at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, their website has a list of courses offered by KTH related to AI, check it out here: KTH Courses About AI.

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