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REWIND - regional planning for wind power

Project leader: Ulla Mörtberg

Project participants: Vincent Wretling, Deepa Manolan Kandy, Anna Kuhlefelt, Berit Balfors

Funding: The project is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and supported by StandUp for Energy

Project period: 2018-2022

Project description

In order to reach the Swedish goals for wind power, it is necessary to find good sites for development. In order to coordinate different data, competences and actors, the planning of wind power needs to be developed on a regional level. In the project, wind power plans and legal judgments regarding wind power will be collected and analysed, in order to map which factors were considered and how they were treated, which tradeoffs were made, and problems and opportunities for planning in the future. From the results, scenarios will be created for different view that emerged, for which a consequence analysis will be performed using GIS-based multicriteria analysis, for a selected region. Interviews and workshops with relevant actors will be performed to discuss arrangements and preliminary results. The results will be used for formulation of problems and development opportunities, which is expected to contribute to the development of a more coordinated wind power planning on regional level.


  • Workshop 17 June 2019: Wind power governance" held at Uppsala University Campus Gotland, Visby
  • Seminar 21 March 2019: At the crossroads - wind energy for Germany - lessons for Sweden  with Professor Johann Köppel, TU-Berlin
  • Workshop 15 February 2019: "Sweden-Germany wind power planning and governance" held at Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany



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