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Study plan

The first thing you should do ahead of your studies abroad is to find the courses you want to study at the exchange university and then do your study plan. The study plan lists the courses that you plan to attend during your exchange studies and which you can get recognized into your study programme when you return to KTH.

You search for suitable courses via the exchange university’s website and you can also ask for tips from former exchange students at the university and listen to their experiences. It can sometimes be difficult finding course information, but the more time you spend on the preparations, the simpler your initial period will be.

Bear in mind that the studies you are planning for are equivalent to full-time studies at KTH, and it is therefore important that you find out the grading scale that the university uses and how it converts to ECTS credits (this information is found on each university page in the directory of exchange universities ). Please note that full-time studies at an exchange university do not always correspond to full-time studies at KTH. The majority of European universities use ECTS credits.

In the study plan there are three alternatives for categorising the courses you intend to read: mandatory courses, conditionally elective courses and elective courses. When you are searching for courses you should first and foremost find the courses that match the mandatory courses you would have taken at KTH. You do not have to substitute course-by-course but you should strive to cover the mandatory programme components. If you do not find matching courses, make a list of courses that are the closest matching.

When you have prepared your choise of courses you are to prepare a finished study plan with the international coordinator and programme director at your school. For your study plan to be approved by KTH it is important that you attach the course descriptions to your study plan. It is a good idea to have a number of courses on the reserve list in case your first option is not approved. If you are studying within the EU and are applying for an Erasmus Scholarship, you need to supplement your application with a Learning Agreement.

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The study plan template will be sent to you by your schools International Coordinator

Changes to the study plan

When you begin your studies at the exchange university you may discover that the courses you have chosen in your study plan need to be changed. You may find a new course that is better suited than the one you initially chose or a course that you planned to read is not given. You can propose a change to the study plan, which you should discuss with your international coordinator to make sure that the new courses can get recognized into your programme at KTH.