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Information for note-takers

Note-taking support is a support that can be granted to students with permanent disabilities. Note support is a support that can be granted to students with permanent disabilities. On this website, we have collected information for you who work as a note-taker. Here you will find more information about employment, how to report time, rules regarding note support and payment of fees.


Being a note-taker means keeping accurate and clear notes that the note-taker shares with another student. A common reason why students receive this support is if the student has dyslexia.

Apply to become a note-taker

By filling in the web form below you can register interest in becoming a note-taker. In the form you let us know which programme you attend or which freestanding courses it applies to. You will be contacted if a match arises and a employment offer is possible.

Apply to become a note-taker for Funka


Once Funka has received your employment confirmation, we hand it over to HR. It takes about six weeks for HR to register all steps in your employment. If you work during the processing time, please write down all your worked hours in the payment form and you will receive your payment afterwards. We don't have the possiblity to receive your payment forms until you have been registered as an employee at HR. We will contact you when you are registered as an employee, then you can send us your payment form.
Remember to notify Funka if you change your home address.

Read more about payment and how to register a bank account on this web page: Salary payment and tax certificate


  1. The note-taking support only applies to lectures where both the student and the note-taker are present. The support is not a substitute for the lecture.
  2. The note-taker and the student must take the same course during the same time period.
  3. It is only when the student asks for notes that the note-taker can get paid for them.
  4. Note support applies only to lectures, not exercises and laboratory exercises.
  5. Students with granted note-taking support from Funka contacts the active note-taker for the current course and agree on how notes should be shared. The note-taker can be paid one week retroactively after the student reports the cooperation to Funka.
  6. If there are more students in a course that have note-taking support through Funka, the note-taker shares their notes to several students. Please note that the note-taker gets paid once per lecture, regardless of how many students take part in the notes.
  7. The note taking support also applies to distance lectures.

The hourly report

The hourly report must be submitted to Funka no later than the 3rd of each month in order to be paid on the 25th of the same month. If you do not submit the hourly report in time, it will be handled in due time.

Downloadable hourly report for note takers  (docx 55 kB)

This is how you fill in the hourly report

Please fill in the exact amount of hours and minutes that the lecture lasted. Take into account the whole duration of the lecture, regardless of whether there has been breaks included or not. If you are a note supporter for several students on the same course, you should only report hours for one of the students you are taking notes for. Examples of how to report:

  • 1 hour with or without break is reported: 1 hour
  • 2 hours and 5 minutes with or without break is reported: 2 hours and 5 minutes


Payment of the fees is made by the "arvoderingfunka". The payment to work as a note -taker is SEK 55 per hour. If you have questions about your salary, contact them.

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Last changed: Feb 16, 2024