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Course and examination

Follow this step-by-step guide on what you need to do before and during a study period.

Once per semester

Register for courses within the programme

Once a semester, you must register for the courses within your programme that you will follow during the next semester.

How to apply to your courses

During each study period

1. Register for the course

At the start of the course, you must register the course, to inform KTH that you intend to take the course you have been admitted to. 

Course registration

Register via Ladok

If you need to register for the course again, you must submit a re-registration notification.


2. Prepare course start and read course memo

Before starting the course, you should read the course memo, which contains information about the course structure, schedule and contact details.

Find course memo (Course and programme directory)

3. Log in to the course room

Once you have registered for a course, you can access the course room in Canvas.

Canvas is the LMS (Learning Management System) used for all course offerings at KTH. In Canvas you will find course material and assignments and can keep in touch with teachers and fellow students.

How Canvas works


4. Prepare for the exam

At KTH, different forms of examination apply in different courses. Some courses apply written exams to check that students have attained the knowledge and skill goals set for the course. In other courses students' knowledge will be tested through an assignment or project task.

Before the exam, read the course memo about the course exam. For many exams, you have to register for the exam in Ladok for students. You have to register in advance for all written exams and for minor tests, for example partial exams held during an exam period.


Examination with compensatory support

5. Find the final grade

Once you have passed all modules of a course, you will find your final grade for the course in Ladok for Students.

Register via Ladok

6. Participate in course evaluation

During the course, the course coordinator or teacher will conduct a course evaluation in which you will give your views and experiences of the course. It is essential that you participate so that KTH can evaluate and improve the course.

Influence your education