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Course application

As a student enrolled in a KTH programme you have to apply for courses.

Do not forget to apply for your programme courses for the autumn term 2021. Information will be provided in preparation of the application. It is very important that you get this information in order to be sure what the specfic requirements for the courses are, which courses are mandatory, which tracks you can choose and other things to consider. If you don't know how or where you can find the information, please contact the student counsellor for your programme.

The web application for courses within programme (AKP) will be open 1-17 May 2021.

The application is done via  for all programme students. If you have never applied for studies through  (or ), you will need to go to either of those pages and create an account in order to be able to apply.

Information on how to apply is found in this document:
Course application via Universityadmissions.pdf (pdf 372 kB)

The notification of selection results will be sent out on 5 August 2021.