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Pågående forskningsprojekt

Ongoing research projects at the Division of Land and Water Resources Engineering

More information on the research and activities at the research groups is available at the research group webpages.

Active filters for phosphorus removal from wastewater in rural areas

Assessment of arsenic and manganese in the rice of Bangladesh

Comparative Urban Ecology

Deammonification - control and optimization  - main stream  - Green House gases

Energy landscapes - integrating climate and environmental objectives

Energy-environment systems analysis

Environmental assessment of road geology and ecology in a system perspective

Fosforåtervinning med sidoströmshydrolys

Future water treatment

Geological criteria for road planning and construction in Sweden

Green areas in compact, energy efficient cities

Hydropower and environmental flows – tools for decision support

LEAM Stockholm


Mitigation of Lake Victoria water quality problems

Monitoring and evaluation of rural water supply in Uganda

Pathogen transport and risk assessment

Phosphorus recovery with side stream hydrolysis

Road structures under climate and land use change

Road ecology in environmental impact assessment

Soil and groundwater chemistry in the built environment

Sustainability assessment of forest bioenergy

Södertörnsmodellen: world class urban development

The Wave-Energized Baltic Aeration Pump

Urban Nature

Vattenfiltrering med mineralbaserade restprodukter MINRENT

Water Supply in an Urban Area: Case Study of Tegucigalpa, Honduras