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* Retrieved from Course syllabus AI1521 (Autumn 2020–)

Content and learning outcomes

Course contents

The course starts with a section that treats the division into different rights of use to solid property (including buildings on leased land) and what characterizes such rights. After the initial section, the course is divided into three parts that treat rent, tenant-owner flat and lease. In the section on rent, the rules in chapter 12 of jordabalken (the Swedish Land Code) are covered, as well as hyresförhandlingslagen (law on rent negotiation) and to a certain extent the rules relating to property law in the 7th, 17th and 18th chapters of jordabalken and the law on tenancy tribunals and rent tribunals. Concerning tenant-owner flats, the law on this particular topic (bostadsrättslagen) is in focus, but tenures over the tenant-owner flat, such as sale and pawning, are also treated, as well as seizure of tenant-owner flats and reorganisation from tenancy right to tenant-owner flat. In the course section on lease, the rules in 8-11 chapters of jordabalken are treated, and to a certain extent the property law related rules in chapters 7, 17 and18 of jordabalken.

Intended learning outcomes

The general the aim of the course is to give advanced knowledge of the legal regulations of such rights of use of solid property that are based on contracts or other legal acts, particularly rent, tenant-owner flat and lease. After having completed the course the students should be able to:

  • Explain the structure of and central concepts in the the regulatory system governing these rights, the main issues that are regulated and how these issues are regulated.
  • By means of the legal method apply the legal rules on practical application assignments concerning rent, tenant-owner flat and lease also on more complex application assignments.
  • Explain the choice of and the applicability of the legal rules on the application assignments.

Course Disposition

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Literature and preparations

Specific prerequisites

Completed course:

AI1516 Law of Real Estate for Property Development and Agency

Recommended prerequisites

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Kurslitteratur anslås på kursens hemsida senast 4 veckor innan kursstart.

Examination and completion

If the course is discontinued, students may request to be examined during the following two academic years.

Grading scale

A, B, C, D, E, FX, F


  • TEN1 - Examination, 6,5 hp, betygsskala: A, B, C, D, E, FX, F
  • ÖVN1 - Assignment, 1,0 hp, betygsskala: P, F

Based on recommendation from KTH’s coordinator for disabilities, the examiner will decide how to adapt an examination for students with documented disability.

The examiner may apply another examination format when re-examining individual students.

The teaching is given as lectures and teaching sessions. In addition, the student should write a memorandum about a legal problem with connection to the subjects that are treated during the course.

Opportunity to complete the requirements via supplementary examination

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Opportunity to raise an approved grade via renewed examination

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Ethical approach

  • All members of a group are responsible for the group's work.
  • In any assessment, every student shall honestly disclose any help received and sources used.
  • In an oral assessment, every student shall be able to present and answer questions about the entire assignment and solution.

Further information

Course web

Further information about the course can be found on the Course web at the link below. Information on the Course web will later be moved to this site.

Course web AI1521

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ABE/Real Estate Planning and Land Law

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Education cycle

First cycle

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