FIM3007 Quantum Computations for Materials- and Nanophysics 7.5 credits

Kvantmekaniska datorberäkningar för material- och nanofysik

 When you have finished this course, you will understand the basic machinery of density functional theory (DFT) by having implemented it in Matlab yourself for a simple example. You will be able to perform DFT calculations, using open-source software, to obtain basic materials properties (e.g., density, bulk modulus, band structure, density of states). You will also be able to analyze the results of your calculations, and understand the limitations of DFT calculations. In order to achieve these outcomes, you will have to integrate your computer skills (Matlab, Linux) with your knowledge of quantum mechanics, atomic physics, numerical methods and solid state physics. You will also have an overview knowledge about state-of-the-art applications of DFT calculations.

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Quantum mechanics or quantum physics, introductory level.

Solid state physics or semiconductor physics, introductory level

Numerical methods, introductory level



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Anna Delin

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SCI/Applied Physics

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Third cycle

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