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LI1021 Information Searching 1.5 credits

Course offering missing for current semester as well as for previous and coming semesters
Headings with content from the Course syllabus LI1021 (Autumn 2008–) are denoted with an asterisk ( )

Content and learning outcomes

Course contents

More specifically, on completion of the course, the student shall be able to:
• present and describe the various channels of communication in the sciences and in research and the importance of each
• use the most important databases within his or her area of study, as well as other electronic and print sources of information
  - for both simple and complex searches
  - using a wide variety of user interfaces, including those with which the student has no   prior experience
• navigate through the major computer-based catalogues in international public libraries as well as the major bibliographic networks, in order to best utilise these and other library resources
• when necessary, obtain documents through sources other than the library
• critically assess the source, content and reliability of information which is retrieved.

Intended learning outcomes

On completion of the course, the student shall be able to
• critically analyse and formulate his or her information needs, and
• select - from several alternatives - the most effective way of satisfying those needs.

Course disposition

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Literature and preparations

Specific prerequisites

Students should have knowledge within a given area equivalent to at least three years’ full-time university studies, and must be able to express themselves fluently in English in that area. Without this knowledge, they will be unable to formulate appropriate and applicable search profiles and to analyse the search results.

Recommended prerequisites

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Access to a computer with an Internet connection and web browser is an absolute requirement. Students should obtain a library card from the KTH Library before starting the course.


Course literature is listed in the description of the course available on the Internet, and includes:
• "VÄGAR TILL VETENSKAPLIG INFORMATION" by E Kihlén, A Lantz 3:e Rev Uppl, 2005
• "Into Info", a system of programs for learning about how to obtain and handle information in engineering, science and medicine
• "Informationssökningens när? var? hur?", KTHB’s introduction to information searching.
• Handouts.

Examination and completion

If the course is discontinued, students may request to be examined during the following two academic years.

Grading scale

P, F


  • LAB1 - Laboratory Work, 0.7 credits, grading scale: P, F
  • LAB2 - Laboratory Work, 0.8 credits, grading scale: P, F

Based on recommendation from KTH’s coordinator for disabilities, the examiner will decide how to adapt an examination for students with documented disability.

The examiner may apply another examination format when re-examining individual students.

Other requirements for final grade

A pass mark requires:
1. Presence at and participation in all 3 practicals,
2. Satisfactory results in the examination, and
3. Satisfactory presentation of searches carried out in an area chosen by the student.

Opportunity to complete the requirements via supplementary examination

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Opportunity to raise an approved grade via renewed examination

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Profile picture Mikael Danielsson

Profile picture Göran Hamrin

Ethical approach

  • All members of a group are responsible for the group's work.
  • In any assessment, every student shall honestly disclose any help received and sources used.
  • In an oral assessment, every student shall be able to present and answer questions about the entire assignment and solution.

Further information

Course web

Further information about the course can be found on the Course web at the link below. Information on the Course web will later be moved to this site.

Course web LI1021

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First cycle

Add-on studies

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