MF2012 Innovation Engineering 30.0 credits

Innovativ produkt- och affärsutveckling

Please note

This course has been cancelled.

Innovation Engineering is a course where the participants develop a product from idea to a prototype and a business plan. The product development process is supported by coaching from experienced innovators, product- and business developers as well as technology specialists and representatives from industry.

  • Education cycle

    Second cycle
  • Main field of study

  • Grading scale

    A, B, C, D, E, FX, F

Last planned examination: autumn 21.

At present this course is not scheduled to be offered.

Intended learning outcomes

The participants of the course are expected to:

  • develop their innovative capability through problem driven and experience based learning
  • develop their ideas to commercial products and businesses
  • experience innovative product development, the innovation process and the innovation system
  • experience entrepreneurial activity, leadership, financing and business planning
  • understand patent rights, intellectual property etc.
  • actively utilize student projects and academic research in technological- and product development
  • understand prerequisites for new and small enterprises in Sweden
  • actively utilize existing support and mechanisms for innovators and entrepreneurs in existing innovation systems

Course main content

Participants follow course modules and workshops in innovation, innovative development, entrepreneurship, financing, business planning, patent rights, branding etc.

The participants are offered work facilities for meetings, prototype manufacturing and course work.

During the course, the participants are offered coaching from representatives from industry, innovators, business developers and teachers from KTH. Participation in mentorship programs are offered together with network for business angels and contacts with financers.

The course are preferably taken during the fourth or fifth year, either before, during or immediately after the master thesis project.


The participants are expected to have fulfilled a specialization on D-level (or similar) within any area.


Will be specified at course start.


  • PRO1 - Project, 7.5, grading scale: P, F
  • PRO2 - Project, 7.5, grading scale: P, F
  • PRO3 - Project, 7.5, grading scale: P, F
  • PRO4 - Project, 7.5, grading scale: P, F

Requirements for final grade

Fulfillment of all project parts.
(PRO1; 7,5 cr), (PRO2; 7,5 cr), (PRO3; 7,5 cr), (PRO4; 7,5 cr)

Offered by

ITM/Machine Design


Martin Grimheden, 08-790 77 97,


Martin Edin Grimheden <>

Supplementary information

Replaces 4F1912


Course syllabus valid from: Autumn 2008.
Examination information valid from: Autumn 2007.