MF2102 Machine Design Project Course 6.0 credits

Maskinkonstruktion projektkurs

  • Education cycle

    Second cycle
  • Main field of study

    Mechanical Engineering
  • Grading scale

    A, B, C, D, E, FX, F

Course offerings

Autumn 19 for programme students

Autumn 18 for programme students

Intended learning outcomes

On completion of the course the student should, based on a given design task, be able to:

  • plan a design project for development of a mechanical product
  • develop a detailed specification for the mechanical product
  • independently and methodologically carry out a design process to generate a new product
  • apply and deepen previous knowledge, as well as independently acquire new knowledge that is needed to implement the project by:
    - design and detail the mechanical product based on engineering considerations
    - develop load requirements for the mechanical product and its included components
    - apply different design principles of load bearing and load transferring structures in the mechanical product
    - choose engineering materials and standardised components for the mechanical product
    - produce dimensioned and toleranced manufacturing documentation for the mechanical product
  • critically reflect on the methods chosen in the design process
  • evaluate the final result and compare them with alternative solution proposals and existing solutions

Course main content

The course is based on a project where a mechanical system or product should be designed or redesigned. The design solution is delivered as a CAD model and described in a technical report. The design is verified using relevant calculations and if applicable with physical models.


MF2101 Machine Design, or the equivalent.


Will be announced no later than four weeks before the start of the course.


  • PRO1 - Project, 6.0, grading scale: A, B, C, D, E, FX, F

Requirements for final grade

Course grade is the same as the grade of PRO1.

Offered by

ITM/Machine Design


Stefan Björklund <>


Course syllabus valid from: Autumn 2018.
Examination information valid from: Autumn 2018.