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Erasmus and exchange opportunities at KTH

Hi there, it is Raygo here with you all again today! In this post, I am sharing a question I have frequently received: Can we do an exchange programme here at KTH, even if I am an international student? And the answer is a yes!

KTH Global event held on campus back in November last year

Erasmus and Erasmus+ Programmes

The Erasmus Programme (EuRopean Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) is an exchange agreement established in 1987 by the European Union. It aims to offer opportunities for students to expand their horizons through learning and travelling around Europe.

In 2014, the Erasmus+ Programme was updated and developed with nearly double the funding being input compared to the predecessor programme. With a strong focus on social inclusion, green and digital transitions, and promoting young people’s participation in democratic life, the programme attracts students from within Europe to take part.

Exchange opportunities at KTH

In KTH, we have around 1000 incoming exchange students from around the globe annually, including students pursuing a double degree and dual master’s studies. Moreover, students also have the opportunity to take up an internship placement at our university. Thus, KTH is home to an international community of talents and future leaders.

On the other hand, students at KTH may choose to spend part of their study to study aboard without additional costs or extended study time. This can be done through applying for exchange programmes offered by our partner universities, and options are opened for both spring and autumn semesters, one semester or two semesters, and even carrying out the degree (thesis) projects aboard!

Support offered by KTH

Back then, when I was still struggling about which exchange programme to take on back in November before the application deadline, there was an exchange fair organised by the school called “KTH Global” at Nymble, where I got to talk to students coming from the targeted universities and countries and KTH students who had completed their exchange studies there. The event has been insightful to me as I was informed about application procedures, accommodation opportunities, course workloads, etc., which helped me compare and select among different choices.

Moreover, KTH exchange ambassadors are the ones who may help with questions that students may have about studying aboard. They are helpful when handling issues such as grade requirements, transfer of credits, etc., as they are also students from KTH with hands-on experience in dealing with those issues.

In the coming semester (fall semester 2023), I will be embarking on my exchange studies at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. I am so delighted to have such a precious chance to study in another European country and be immersed in a different culture. Exchange opportunities are a highlight of KTH, which you may also consider when you begin your study here! That’s it for today; meanwhile, you may get to learn more about the Swedish Job Market and education in KTH through Lorenzo’s and Martyna’s new posts! I wish you all a great week ahead!