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Why I Loved KTH Webinars

Hello everybody and welcome to this new post! Today, I’m excited to share three reasons why I enjoyed attending KTH webinars so much last year. It’s not every day you get to peek behind the digital curtain of an institution, so let’s dive into my three favourite aspects of KTH webinars right away!

Daily view of KTH main campus from a corridor with a lantern
Webinars will shed light on KTH just like that lantern does on the campus at night 😬

Interaction with fellow students

One of the remarkable aspects of KTH webinars is the opportunity to hear from current students, as well as the chance to interact with them. It’s more than just a virtual meet and greet; it’s a preview of the diversity and camaraderie that defines KTH students! Whether it was asking questions in the chat or hearing the stories of current students, these interactions provided a genuine sense of belonging and they helped shedding light on some topics I was very concerned about. The student community is key at KTH, and I think this message was well conveyed in every webinar!

Variety of webinars and speakers

Different types of webinars are held during the year. Some of them focus on specific aspects of life at KTH (finding accommodation, student life…) while others are more tailored towards the specific schools and programmes. Attending more webinars gave me a very clear picture of the university and helped me a ton in choosing the right programme for me. From employment data to the latest research developments, the speakers shared valuable information that goes beyond what you typically find on a university website – always in a very informal and informative way, and with the support of the invited students!

Seeing the human side of the university

While universities are often seen through the lens of their websites and brochures, the webinars allowed me to see a more personal side of KTH. I observed a university that actively seeks to connect with its prospective students, a clear indication of its confidence in its capabilities and in its students’. This approach is refreshing, and made a considerable difference in my university choice – and I can confirm you that today I do not feel like a number, but as part of a bigger family! It’s not just about academics; it’s about the people, the culture, and the sense of community.

And speaking of the next steps, I’m excited to announce that applications for KTH open today! If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve learned on this blog and on KTH Instagram, now is the perfect time to take the first step towards joining this vibrant community. You can learn more about it here – and, of course, TONS of posts on our blog will follow!🚀

Gamla Stan at sunset, seen from an upper point
One year from now you might be enjoying this beautiful view from Monteliusvägen!

Thank you for joining me today, and don’t forget to check out Sai’s and Sam’s last posts on KTH research labs and tips to choose the right Master’s programme. As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out. And remember to register for the upcoming webinar on October 17; it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn more about KTH offering and take that big step toward a brighter future!

See you at the next post!

// Lorenzo

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