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Application Questions? Ask during tomorrow’s final live chat session

Finalize your application I hope the application process has been going smoothly for those applying! By now you should have submitted your application to University Admissions, the Swedish national application system. But don’t forget there are a few more steps to finalize your application. By February 1, 2022, be sure to: Submit required documents for your … Continue reading “Application Questions? Ask during tomorrow’s final live chat session”

When the Northern Lights Dance in Stockholm

When I moved to Stockholm, one of the many things I was looking forward to was seeing the Aurora Borealis, or northern lights. To do that, it’s usually necessary to head north – which is saying something because the latitude of Stockholm (59°33′ N) is pretty far up already. A roughly 15-hour car ride (or overnight … Continue reading “When the Northern Lights Dance in Stockholm”

Perks of Blended Learning

Like the rest of the world, Sweden has also been adjusting its restrictions and recommendations in response to the status of the pandemic. A very similar situation occurred last year at this time, and I remember wondering how it would impact my studies and student experience.  Over the Spring 2021 semester, blended learning (when courses … Continue reading “Perks of Blended Learning”

KTH Campus: hidden gems and history

In December, the digital student ambassadors were invited for a historical tour of the main KTH campus. We were introduced to towering heights, some clever architectural elements, and historical facts about the campus that most of us had never encountered before.  I appreciated the new perspective on what has become a very familiar setting. I … Continue reading “KTH Campus: hidden gems and history”

A New Year for New Students!

As we make the leap from ‘21 into ‘22, it’s looking like a year full of new things to look forward to. Here, I have put together a few important dates in the coming month to keep in mind for new students at KTH, and also for those who are hoping to become KTH students … Continue reading “A New Year for New Students!”