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Study tips for your Swedish adventure

Hello everybody and welcome to this new post. Today, I would like to share with you some tips and tricks to face the Swedish study system, which may happen to be very different from the one you are used to! Projects, presentations, laboratory work… sounds interesting? Then let’s get started and learn how to nail … Continue reading “Study tips for your Swedish adventure”

A typical semester at KTH

Hello everybody and welcome to this new post! Today, we will talk about how a typical semester may look like at KTH. I thought this could be an interesting topic given that the admission results have just come out and you may want to know something more about studying at KTH! So, let’s get started. … Continue reading “A typical semester at KTH”

A day in a KTH lab

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about assessment methods at KTH. Today, I want to show you more in detail one of the most common assignments you can get: laboratory work. Typically, laboratory work at KTH is divided in two phases:⁃ laboratory experiments/measurements;⁃ report writing. In this case, we had to take some measurements … Continue reading “A day in a KTH lab”

How evaluation works at KTH

As the exam period is getting closer, I thought I would share with you how assessment works at KTH! Evaluation methods can differ a lot from one country to the other, so it’s good to know what awaits you if you decide to study in Sweden. Spoiler: if you are looking for a hands-on education … Continue reading “How evaluation works at KTH”